So again I find myself at a crossroad. Inertia dictates a safe path, Loyalty points to another and Desire to another.

The Romans called the meeting of three paths a trivia and the mingling of news that occurred at this nexus soon added an additional meaning to the word.

I find myself at a much different trivia; not with news of far flung lands, but one where the unknown exists

What am I to do
I am no longer the boy I used to be

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From the latin root meaning to escape or to leave, vacations have always been a time to relax away from the pressures and stresses of day to day living. Vacations also allow for reflection and recuperation.

Recently I took my Aunt ; who works at the hospital with me, on a short trip to La Isla de Margarita ( just rolls of the tongue! ) off the coast of Venezuela for a bit of R+R. Far from the tropical idyll with cheap shopping and azure seas we found a nation in turmoil.

Hugo Chavez ; El Presidenté to his friends and simply Chavez to his enemies, has polarised a country still coming to grips with its post colonial future. Chavez swept into power amidst widespread discontent with the influential oligarchy that ruled the country since independence. Since then he has amalgamated all power into his hands and effectively switched one yoke for another.

Why I even mention any of this is that MY tropical idyll is in the midst of our own stormy weather. The winds of change have swept the old regime out for a ‘new’ power structure but only weeks after assuming office its back to politics as usual.

As the heavy clouds of the ITCZ rumble in every afternoon to burst paroxysmally and quench the parched land I can only wonder will Trinidad ever come clean?

I think I need a vacation.

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So as internship winds down and the Hurricane Season rumbles to a start I thought I’d reflect on what this last year has brought me.

Things Fall Apart

I’ve learnt that assumptions really are a fool’s preserve. As misanthropic as it sounds; trust no-one but yourself. Fair weather friends are just that and they flee with the coming storm

Miles to go before I sleep

Also I’ve found myself facing my future with no small amount of trepidation. What to do? Where to specialise? All of these questions sting like the first drops of the coming tempest

Do not go gentle into that good night

But I have also found hidden strengths within me; my eye in the storm. I shall face my next challenges with the same aplomb and grace as I have all others and this too shall pass

Growing Up

I’m growing up… never an easy phase but now more so than ever. After making it through med school; and all that it entailed, then finding love and loosing it, I find myself taking my next steps into adulthood.

The accoutrement of adulthood are simple enough.
1. Job* check
2. Career path* check
3. Car* nope
4. House* nope
5. Partner* not a chance in hell

Acquiring the penultimate two things is proving a lot more difficult than I imagined. I have been scurrying about these past few days trying to sort out car loans, insurance quotes and the like without much success. Door after door has been closed because of my youth and lack of experience. A depressing task certainly but my personal defeats aside it poses larger questions.

Making mistakes needs to be seen as a learning exercise rather than an excuse to punish and deny. All to often young people are denied jobs due to lack of experience but no avenue for experience is given to them. All to often those in places of authority now forget what allowances were made for them as budding tyros.


Today I got a lot done and I’m feeling much better than when I first wrote this but I really think ppl need to be more considerate of young ppls particular needs

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